Yoga Workshops

IMG_8018explorations in movement: 

gravity, structure, breath + asana with Aki Omori + Jean Hall

January 7th 2017, 10.30-4.30pm at triyoga soho 

£75 – for all levels – to book please click here

Aki Omori + Jean Hall join forces for this unique workshop to explore movement development and the bodily systems in relation to yogasana practice.

Through exploring our natural + progressive developmental movement patterns, we can sense into the innate pathways in our body and experience how support precedes ease of movement. Reconnecting with this inherent ability within us can open us to fuller, deeper and more purposeful realms of our yoga practice.

To further this exploration we will also bring awareness to some body systems such as fluid system and skeletal system to inspire movement through sensation of our living body. This will lead us to realise our capacity for wholeness and embodiment on and off the yoga mat. 

The session will include:
Breath awareness
Breath centred asana practice
Gravity and Levity in movement
Discovering fluid support in the body 
Some structural anatomy
Free/authentic movement exploration
Partner work
Discussion, reflection + contemplation









Yogaria Aerial Yoga Workshops

Yogaria097Dates to be confirmed

Classes and workshops draw upon the authentic yogasana system and integrate it with the principals of aerial training using a rigged silken cocoon material, which stretches organically yet has tremendous strength, like another skin, to harness, support and lift us from the ground.

Every session begins with gentle mat based asana work to strengthen and safely prepare the body and mind for the challenges of aerial work. We then move on to develop the practice in to fluid sequences using the cocoon alternatively with floor work to both elevate and ground.

Fun and challenging as well as restorative and gentle, Yogaria Aerial Yoga invites you to develop your confidence, strength and agility whilst deepening your yoga practice mentally and physically both on and off the mat.

Important Notes on Aerial Yoga workshops: Aerial work is strong, so expect to be challenged, stretched and strengthened to the core!

Mat work and partner work are both integral parts of aerial practice, so please come prepared to work on the yoga mat as well as in the air, and to share the practice and work with others.
Please also bring along extra clothing: one long and one half-sleeved top (no vests) and a long or knee length bottom (not baggy) to layer yourself with, so as to avoid friction of the skin with the cocoon