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Jean teaches a deep strong slow flow (vinyasa) form of yoga drawing on her broad and diverse background in yoga, dance and movement studies. Read more

  • Yoga Classes

    Each class focuses on developing healthy body mechanics and alignment, awareness and flow of breath, movement and energy to help open, balance and strengthen the body and mind. Deep but gentle and sustained asana practice along with occasional partner work and relaxation are also included to help release held tension from within. Read More

  • Yoga Retreats

    Our retreats are held in places of outstanding natural beauty to create the perfect antidote to stressful urban life , providing the yoga practice & ideal environment in which to relax, restore & replenish on every level to bring about total well being. On the retreats we offer yoga, meditation, day excursions to beauty hot […] Read More

  • Yogaria

    Yogaria – meaning ‘yoga air’, is a form of aerial yoga, which has been devised by four women practitioners with a passion for yoga and creative expression.  Yogaria – ‘a song of yoga’, takes yoga off the mat, exploring gravity and levity, earth and ether within the framework of classical yoga postures. Read More


Yoga Classes with Jean

Every Sunday at TriYoga:

12-1.30pm, yoga for beginners and improvers (£16)  Read More

Every Monday at The Telegraph Hill Centre:

7.30-9pm, yoga for all levels (£10) Read More

Every Wednesday at TriYoga:

6:30-7:45pm, yoga for intermediates (£15) Read More

8:00-9:30pm, yoga for beginners and improvers (£16) Read More

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Morocco – Atlas Mountains

Morocco - Atlas Mountains

May 20th - 27th 2015 Location + Venue: Just 90 minutes from the vibrant bustle of Marrakech is a spiritual haven of peace and tranquillity, within the foothills of Morocco’s highest peak of the Atlas Mountains is our  award winning host venue The Kasbah du Toubkal. Set in the Toubkal National Park ...


Oxonhoath – Rejuvenating Yoga Weekend

Oxonhoath – Rejuvenating Yoga Weekend

March 27-29 + October 16-18, 2015 This weekend retreat with Liz Lark and Jean is set within the beautiful countryside and ancient estate of Oxonhoath. Oxon Hoath is a country estate surrounded by 73 acres of private, enchanting and tranquil gardens and woodlands. It was built over 600 years ago by Sir ...


Ibiza – Blissful Island Yoga Retreat

Ibiza - Blissful Island Yoga Retreat

July 25-August 4, 2015 Location: The north of Ibiza has a wonderfully quiet and magical feel and this is where our yoga retreat will be held. The venue - a Tachyon centre (you benefit from its healing energy just by being there!) is set in seclusion amid hills and beautiful countryside ...